You, Your Clients and WordPress is Published

You, Your Clients and WordPress by Glen DraegerI’m giving a presentation in a week to a design company that I work with. The idea is to help their designers understand how easy or difficult it is for me, a web programmer, to implement their designs into WordPress. I had planned to write up some notes and make several copies to hand out.

I decided instead, however, to put together my thoughts in a book and self-publish it through CreateSpace, an Amazon Company and in the process get my feet wet with InDesign.

It is amazing to me what is available to us in this age of the Internet. After a few weeks of finding time to write and gather photos I uploaded my 32 page tome to CreateSpace, created a cover using their book-cover creator and a couple of days later ordered 10 books. My total cost for the books, including shipping and handling and tax was $47.69.

What I ended up with is something a little more impressive and convenient for my clients and a book on

Self-Publishing is a fairly easy process with a couple of the right tools. The real work is in the writing. The great thing is you don’t have to buy 10,000 copies and hope you sell enough to break even. CreateSpace is print-on-demand.

So if you are interested in self-publishing that next great novel or your tips for fishing, give me a call. I can help you with both the publishing process and, of course, your website.

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