WordPress Rocks!

I’ve been installing WordPress on a number of sites in the last couple of months. I am so impressed with how WordPress is set up. The admin area is very intuitive. Themes are very easy to set up, install and create. I’ve also found it very easy to take the existing design of a site and incorporate into WordPress for a blog (my site being one of them).

The other thing I love about WordPress is that it is not just a blog. It can very easily be used as a Content Management System (CMS) without any blog capabilities. And again, I find the admin area far more intuitive than solutions like Mambo or Joomla.

Since there is such a large and dedicated community for WordPress, plugins are plentiful and of high quality. All in all this a great program and good solution for many web applications.

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And WordPress just keeps getting better. Now you can install themes and plugins right from the admin area. You can also upgrade the site from there too. Awesome program.


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