Toxigone© Website Launches

Dr. Robert Milisen, in Prescott Arizona, needed a new website. His old WordPress website was doing the job, but had a lot of issues that were not helping his cause.

For example, in some cases his site was missing a h1 heading tag something every page should have or using heading tags incorrectly. In other cases his pages were missing title and description tags. Sometimes links were being used for javascript anchors an old school way to use them or buttons were not being used correctly. All these issues can hurt Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Better Under the Hood and Easy on the Eyes

Sweet Thursday fixed all these issues and changed the design to a clean look geared toward the dissemination of information. The site is easy on the eyes and allows future patients to find what they are looking for and it also makes search engines happy.

Along the way the site’s server was upgraded from PHP 5.6 to 7.3, a caching plugin was added to make the site faster and a new plugin added to limit login attempts from nefarious hackers.


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