Where Are They?

Back in the day I used to put testimonials on my website. It seemed like a good idea. Almost any website you visit has testimonials. Lots of them.

I have never seen a bad testimonial. But there had to be a few unhappy customers lurking in the shadows somewhere. Maybe just one? Maybe just slightly upset about something? A joke that wasn’t funny. Questionable music tastes. Something, right?

Plus how do you verify testimonials? Who is J.W. anyway and how do we know he or she even exists? I could write 10 fake testimonials right now. Let me try one:

Glen is a great guy to work with. I’ve worked with lots of web developers and Glen is the best! Seriously, drop anyone else you work with and hire Sweet Thursday Web Development right now! I’d hire Glen before I’d hire my own daughter. I’d rather have coffee with Glen to talk about my website than just about anything else. You really should hire him! You won’t regret it. And his jokes are hilarious!

—A. T. P., CEO at P. T. A.

Wow, that was surprisingly easy. Kind of fun too, heaping praises on yourself. I should try that more often.

I’ll Be Serious Now…Seriously

Do I have happy customers? You bet I do. My business is 99% word-of-mouth. I’m glad I can say that and I have worked extremely hard to make that so.

Have I had clients upset with me? Yes I have. I’ve been in business since 2006. I’ve worked with lots of different people over the years and not everyone likes me. I know it is hard to fathom, but nonetheless true.

Have I been upset with clients? Never. I love all my clients! Ha! Of course I have. In a couple of instances I decided not to work with particular clients.

The Bottom Line

99% of the time there are no issues. I’m a fairly easy going guy and I love building websites. I’ll get your site built and looking and functioning the way you want and expect. But if I make a mistake or we disagree on something I’ll do my best to find a solution we can both live with.

If you’re the problem…well, that’s silly! You’re the customer. You’re always right!

Admit it. My jokes are kind of funny.