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Prescott Arizona Web Development

The Peavine Coffee Shop Home PageI lived in the Prescott, Arizona area (Prescott Valley) from 2016 – 2020. When I moved there, my web development clients followed me from Southern California and other parts of the country. It’s one of the advantages of the time we now live in to be able to work with people anywhere in the world.

I loved and still love Arizona, but the circumstances of life moved my family back to California. At the moment I have three clients in Arizona, but I’d like to have more (good excuse to visit!). Give me a call or talk with Torrey and Micah at The Peavine Coffee House in Prescott Valley or Dr. Robert Milisen in Prescott about their experience with me as their web developer or see below for more details.

The Peavine Coffee House

7401 E Civic Circle
Prescott Valley AZ 86314​
Project Details
Launch Date April 2019
Type of Site WordPress
About the Site Custom home page, custom food menu area, customized product features, ecommerce via WooCommerce, coffee subscriptions
Some Plugins Used Advanced Custom Fields, All in One SEO, BackUpWordpress, WooCommerce
Notes The site uses two payment gateways: Stripe and Amazon Pay. It's always nice to give your customers options when it comes to making payments.

I met the shop owners, Torrey and Micah, after I first moved here and started drinking their awesome coffee when their shop was in the Prescott Gateway Mall. They moved down to their current location I think in 2017 (The Prescott Valley Library).

The Peavine Coffee Shop in Prescott Valley, ArizonaIn the latter part of 2018 I started talking to Torrey about a website. Aside from the usual requests, they needed two things beyond a basic website: an easy way to update their changing menu and a way to sell coffee beans and subscriptions to those beans.

The current WordPress site handles all that. It’s a custom WordPress theme with a customized home page, food menu area and catering menu area. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Peavine Coffee. If you want some great coffee and I’ve had a lot in this area, go down to see Torrey and Micah. Best coffee I’ve had since moving here. Seriously.

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Dr. Robert Milisen, in Prescott Arizona, helps chronically ill patients get their lives back.
Project Details
Launch Date September 2019
Type of Site WordPress
Some Plugins Used Advanced Custom Fields, All in One SEO, BackUpWordpress, WP Super Cache
Notes Sweet Thursday took an old WordPress website that was not coded very well and converted it to a new theme with better code and better readability.

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Top Thai Massage

The client in Prescott Valley, Arizona, wanted their website up fast. This simple one page site can easily be expanded in the future.
Project Details
Launch Date November 2019
Type of Site WordPress
Some Plugins Used All in One SEO, BackUpWordpress

Top Thai Massage Home PageThe client in Prescott Valley, Arizona, wanted to get a website up fast. One of the great things about WordPress is that it will work for a one page website or a 1,000 page website. Another great thing is that if you need or want to start out small it’s very easy to add features, pages and more capabilities in the future. Websites are fluid beasts that can be easily tamed with the right developer and Content Management System (CMS).

Simple and Robust

This is a simple, one page website something WordPress works great for. It is a responsive site and it also has an Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) to help with mobile searches and SEO on Google. All this is easily updated in the backend.

This site uses Sweet Thursday’s WordPress Starter Theme for rapid development and great out-of-the-box features.

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I’ve worked on and built hundreds of websites for clients that do not live in the Prescott, Arizona area. Use the button below to see some of them.

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