Parting is Such Sweet Relief

Bye IE 6 — may we never meet again

Bring Down IE 6
Remember the boyfriend or girlfriend that you had who became more of burden to spend time with than a pleasure? Maybe it happened subtly, maybe you realized it in a fit of clarity staring out at the stars or into a bowl of cereal, but finally you knew without question that it was time to get out, to escape, to flee quickly and not to look back. Remember the feeling? Ahhhh . . . relief, as I recall, like a dozen bags of concrete suddenly fell off your shoulders and you were free.

I’m there. I just created two new websites from comps with some really great design and features, requiring transparent pngs and some nice jQuery affects. Transparent pngs on IE 6 are no problem, you say . . . there are workarounds for that (I know, I know, I’ve used them too) . . . unless you need to use them for background images on <a> tags. Try it. You’ll see. Then there’s just the weird things that happen for no apparent reason: tags not acting like they should, adding code when every other browser doesn’t need it.

Yes, yes, I can fix the problems (most of the time), I’ve figured it out, I’ve spent my hours doing it and I’m good at it, but you have to work at it. I don’t mean the kind of work you enjoy because you love it. I love programming, I love getting that great design from the photoshop file on to the web or adding cool effects or working really hard to find the elegant code that makes the database come alive on the page or uses CSS in an unexpected and creative way . . . but then I have to cringe when I look at my site in IE 6. This is broken, that doesn’t work and I buckle down and fix it. I’m worn out. I don’t want to do it anymore. I want to have all the fun I can have building sites and not worrying about IE 6.

So it’s over IE6. I don’t even want to be friends anymore. I hope I never see you again. Don’t try to come back. Don’t call. Don’t write. Did we have any good times? I can’t seem to recall.

Hellooooo Firefox, I’m Glen . . . I believe we’ve met before.

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Kim Jones

I have to laugh (and agree) when I read your take on IE6 and know that it was one of my site designs that caused you to pull your hair out…good thing you have such a thick head of hair!

I say good riddance to IE6!


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