Just For Fun

Video Description

Intro Music with text: “Sweet Thursday Films”

Important music with the text: “In a world of many web browsers.” Followed by images of many web browsers.

More important music with the text: “And multiple mobile devices.” Followed by images of many mobile devices.

Still more important music with the text: “One Man.” Followed by video of hands putting on workout gloves.

Even more self-important music with the text: “Dared to Code for All of Them.”

Shows hand pouring hot water for tea, then a man coding like crazy on one keyboard, then coding like crazy on two keyboards, then sleeping in his office chair. As the music continues it is accompanied by the text, “That Man Became”, showing a man at his desk raising his arms in jubilant triumph, “Sweet Thursday Web Development.”

Man on phone wearing a shirt that says, “Never question the programmer’s judgement.” Text appears: “PHP, CSS, JQuery, HTML.” Shows man reading a web magazine, searching through some web books, scrolling code on a screen and finally that man reaching for his coveted cup of tea!

Then the closing credits show:

Sweet Thursday Web Development

Programming Now

iMove and Sweet Thursday Films present
a Sweet Thursday Films production in association with iMovie
a Seth Draeger film
Sweet Thursday Web Development
starring Glen Draeger
Edited by Glen Draeger
Production Designer: Seth Draeger
Directory of Photography: Seth Draeger