I’m Going to Blog

Seriously. I am. I was doing some blogging for my business a while back, but since most of my business is word-of-mouth there was never really any need.

However, now I’d like to try to get some business in the Prescott Valley, Arizona area. And I’d like people searching for web development in the Prescott area to end up on my site. Hence, here we go. But I don’t want to just put up boring stuff with the sole goal of getting search engine results. What’s the standard SEO (Search Engine Optimization) line? Give your users something useful. Or maybe entertaining. Make them want to come back. That’s who you should be concerned about. The SEO results will follow. Or so they say.

I do a lot of SEO for my wife’s site (ARTK12.COM) that has really paid off. Her books do very well in search results and we sell a lot of books on her site and I do a lot of blogging on her site along with writing unique titles and descriptions. It’s a lot of work. That’s what SEO mainly is: consistent work over time.

But this will be a little different for me. So back away slowly from the screen. Grab a cup of coffee. And fasten your seat belt. No telling what might happen!

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