IE 6 . . . Why Can’t I Leave it Alone?

Some months back I wrote about extracting myself from IE 6. Basically, I decided I wouldn’t support it unless a client asked for support or we deemed it necessary for their situation. I make this very clear to my clients before I begin building their sites. Most of them agree. Don’t worry about it, they say. How old is it? Geeezzzz!

So I finish the site . . . the client didn’t pay for IE 6 support, the client doesn’t care about IE 6 support, I have every right not to concern myself with IE 6 . . . but I can’t seem to help myself. . . . before I send the “Your Site is Completed” email I find myself looking at the site in IE 6. And not only looking, but thinking . . . hmmmm . . . I can fix that . . . so I do . . . or wondering why it’s behaving in an unusual way . . . and fixing it. . . . and feeling good about it.

I’d say the only progress I’ve made away from IE 6 in most cases is not concerning myself with near pixel perfect agreement with the other browsers.

I guess it’s a start.

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