How Did I Get Here and What Do I Do?

What’s the most boring page on a website? Let’s assume that it’s a decent website with decent content. The prime candidate for the most boring page on most websites has to be the infamous 404 page, that is, the Page Not Found page. This page, when delivered by the server, is about as boring as Uncle Erwin’s description of his latest colonoscopy. It usually reads something like this:

Not Found. The requested URL /z_error/error.htm was not found on this server.

Here’s what happens: You’ve carefully typed in your url or clicked what you believed to be a perfectly legitimate link only to find yourself lost and alone on a deserted web page with nothing but a message to tell you that that page does not exist. You knew that. What do you do? You need direction. You want to know what it all means. Somehow you need to have confidence that the next thing you click will send you to a real page.

Enter the customized 404 page. Now the 2nd most boring webpage is the common customized 404 page. It might say something like this:

404: Page Not Found. We are sorry, but we are unable to find the document you are looking for.

You’re kidding? Look, I don’t know about you, but I need more than that. I need to know what the hell is going on. I need a good, old fashioned debriefing. Losing your way can be traumatic experience and if someone can help me find my way again . . . well, I’ll be forever grateful.

So what’s out there? Oh, there are some gems. Probably one of the funner things to do on the web is find a good site that will direct you to some of these creative 404 pages. But before I send you there I’d like to show you two new ones, as self-serving as this may be, but hey, it’s my website.

Here are some websites you can visit to see other cool 404 pages.


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