Hey Techies, the iPad is Not for You

I’ve heard some talk, some rumblings in the techie community, a bit of condescension thrown about like guests throwing confetti at a wedding:  The iPad can’t do this. The iPad can’t do that.

If you are one of those people who enjoy running the command line, wearing t-shirts that promote the merits of binary code AND enjoy tearing down the iPad, remember this: the iPad is not for you!

Maybe that’s the problem. You feel a little left out. You want the iPad to be difficult to use. You want to be able to enter code to run everything. You want it to have a bunch a stuff that only you can figure out so you can attempt to impress people (girls, mostly) at parties.

Just remember this, the iPad is not for you who miss DOS, who thought the new Mac Plus computers in the 80’s were for sissies or who thought Windows was a moral compromise of the highest proportions.

Yes, it’s true, the iPad is NOT for you! Chant it a few times. Tape a 3 x 5 card to your computer screen . . . oh, I forgot, you don’t use 3 x 5 cards. Then save it in some obscure place on your computer that only you can find . . .or  better yet, encrypt it . . . but do find it sometime and do think about it just for a moment: the iPad is not for you!

The iPad is for your grandma. It’s for your father the plumber. It’s for your sister the musician. It’s for your little brother. It’s for your friend who doesn’t know how to defragment his PC and doesn’t care he doesn’t know. The iPad is for people who don’t know what RAID means. The iPad is for people who want to forget they are holding a device in their hands that allows them to read books, web pages and their email. They just want to do those things and do them effortlessly.

I read one guy blasting the iPad because it’s trying so hard to be book but in his mind it can’t compete with a physical book. One of his big complaints  was that with a physical book you know when it’s coming to an end and you can prepare  yourself. With the iPad,  you can’t. Funny, I actually like that about the iPad! But I digress. This is the problem: You can’t compare the iPad to anything else. He’s right, it’s not a book. It’s not desktop computer or a laptop computer, it’s a freaking iPad! It’s something totally different and I’ve had mine since May of 2010 and I love it.

I  own a MacPro, a MacBook, a MacBookPro, a Dell laptop and an iMac. I have an Android. My son has numerous game consoles. Guess what? The iPad is none of those things. It’s an iPad. And it’s great. And it’s  here now and it’s fun and it’s useful.

I now love reading web pages because I can do it with my iPad on the couch, in bed, on the john. It’s a lot like holding a book…but it’s not a book. I can watch movies, play Angry Birds and check my email in way that is unlike just about anything else.

Okay, look, I was a little harsh. Techies, the iPad is for you. It’s for all of us. Just accept it and enjoy it for what it is. It’s an iPad!

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Just as a follow up to this. I read an article in MacWorld (March 2011, “The iPad and the Centenarian”) about a 100-year-old man who is using the iPad to read. Many of the books he wants to read are not in a large print format, but with the iPad he can download a book and set the type to the size he wants. He is quoted as saying, “This is the end of libraries for me. How marvelous!”


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