Custom WordPress Themes

Fasten Your Seatbelt, Dorothy!

Whether you need a highly customized site or something more simple, my WordPress starter theme is a great place to begin. A starter theme has many website necessities already coded so that I can spend my time styling and/or adding customized functionality to your website.

My starter theme is based upon the Bones starter theme that I’ve heavily modified for my own needs. The styling is sparse and plain by design. The bells and whistles are minimal. This is essentially a working blank slate. It has everything I (the programmer) need to create a great custom WordPress theme for you or your clients.

I’ve been building websites since 2006 and have tailored this theme to cover the most common things I have built in websites during my career: responsive design, hero images, main and secondary menus, fixed (sticky) or static main menu, ecommerce support, general layouts for blogs, pages, event calendar, forms and photo gallery support. The uncommon things I can add when necessary.

Your finished theme doesn’t have to look anything like the starter theme and probably won’t, but we’ll be able to get from here to there a lot faster using it.

ADA Compliant

My theme comes out-of-the-box ADA compliant. This can save you lots of money if you are pursuing ADA compliance.

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Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

My starter theme also comes ready for AMP pages that can be customized to reflect the design of your site.

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You can access the WordPress starter theme at the button below with these credentials:

U: sweetstarter
P: sweetstarter

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