The Times Keep Changing

I am officially dropping support for IE 7 unless my clients specifically ask for it. Usage of IE 7 has dropped below 1% worldwide. Though far better than my nemesis of days gone by, IE 6, it still has many issues particularly with the kinds of things we can now do with CSS3, HTML5 and jQuery. It’s time to move on.

So long IE 7, what a long strange trip it has been.

You, Your Clients and WordPress is Published

You, Your Clients and WordPress by Glen DraegerI’m giving a presentation in a week to a design company that I work with. The idea is to help their designers understand how easy or difficult it is for me, a web programmer, to implement their designs into WordPress. I had planned to write up some notes and make several copies to hand out.

I decided instead, however, to put together my thoughts in a book and self-publish it through CreateSpace, an Amazon Company and in the process get my feet wet with InDesign.

It is amazing to me what is available to us in this age of the Internet. After a few weeks of finding time to write and gather photos I uploaded my 32 page tome to CreateSpace, created a cover using their book-cover creator and a couple of days later ordered 10 books. My total cost for the books, including shipping and handling and tax was $47.69.

What I ended up with is something a little more impressive and convenient for my clients and a book on

Self-Publishing is a fairly easy process with a couple of the right tools. The real work is in the writing. The great thing is you don’t have to buy 10,000 copies and hope you sell enough to break even. CreateSpace is print-on-demand.

So if you are interested in self-publishing that next great novel or your tips for fishing, give me a call. I can help you with both the publishing process and, of course, your website.

Hey Techies, the iPad is Not for You

I’ve heard some talk, some rumblings in the techie community, a bit of condescension thrown about like guests throwing confetti at a wedding:  The iPad can’t do this. The iPad can’t do that.

If you are one of those people who enjoy running the command line, wearing t-shirts that promote the merits of binary code AND enjoy tearing down the iPad, remember this: the iPad is not for you! read more »

How Did I Get Here and What Do I Do?

What’s the most boring page on a website? Let’s assume that it’s a decent website with decent content. The prime candidate for the most boring page on most websites has to be the infamous 404 page, that is, the Page Not Found page. This page, when delivered by the server, is about as boring as Uncle Erwin’s description of his latest colonoscopy. It usually reads something like this: read more »

Where are the Good Web Magazines . . . in America?

What’s the deal anyway? My business is pushing 4 years old and that doesn’t include the year or so where I was trying find a job and no one was interested in some old guy (in internet years) who had just finished school.

I remember this one interview I went to. This guy was really old in internet years, maybe 30, and he was considering hiring me to create cookie-cutter websites so he could make millions getting people to click on Google ads. He was going to pay me something like 12 bucks an hour, but the catch was I was going to have Monday and Tuesdays off and have to work Saturday and Sunday. read more »

Some Simple Programming Rules

I’ve been web programming for about 4 years now. Primarily I’m a PHP programmer (self-taught) with some Javasript thrown in here and there and Actionscript only when I absolutely have to. Programming is a strange animal. I tell my wife often that I really love my job, because I do, but to listen to me sitting at my computer on some days I’m sure an outsider would think that this is only something I do because I have to. The frustration comes regularly, though not as often as when I first started programming, but it does still come. I sometimes feel like my real job is fixing two kinds of problems: ones that others create and ones that I create. read more »

Parting is Such Sweet Relief

Bye IE 6 — may we never meet again

Bring Down IE 6
Remember the boyfriend or girlfriend that you had who became more of burden to spend time with than a pleasure? Maybe it happened subtly, maybe you realized it in a fit of clarity staring out at the stars or into a bowl of cereal, but finally you knew without question that it was time to get out, to escape, to flee quickly and not to look back. Remember the feeling? Ahhhh . . . relief, as I recall, like a dozen bags of concrete suddenly fell off your shoulders and you were free. read more »

WordPress Rocks!

I’ve been installing WordPress on a number of sites in the last couple of months. I am so impressed with how WordPress is set up. The admin area is very intuitive. Themes are very easy to set up, install and create. I’ve also found it very easy to take the existing design of a site and incorporate into WordPress for a blog (my site being one of them). read more »