3 ADA Compliant Websites

The task was to transfer the design from three sites into a new WordPress custom theme that would be ADA compliant. I used my Starter Theme as a base. All the sites were similarly designed via one of those what I like to call “do everything themes.” I’m not a big fan of these themes as the code tends to be bloated and there is usually way more in the backend than what is needed.

The client liked the design and wanted to keep it so we eliminated the animations and sliders and reworked some design elements with regard to color. I worked with another developer on this, she managed the project and I built it. I programmed it to be very easy to update in the backend using Advanced Custom Fields “Flexible Content.” We also brought in an ADA consultant to check everything after it was completed.

Just a note: animations and sliders can be made ADA compliant. It just takes more time and work and the client wanted to keep it simple. This really helps when you are after an ADA compliant website.

Once one theme was completed, it was fairly easy to implement it into the other two sites, changing colors and content as necessary.

We moved all three sites from GoDaddy to Siteground.

All-in-all the project went smoothly and I came in under budget, which is always a good thing.